ERAC Services provides four types of generic PIA templates:

  • ERAC evaluated and approved products or services;
  • BC Government approved products or services;
  • Non-ERAC evaluated or approved products or services, are an Industry Standard ; and
  • other: at the direction of ERAC’s Executive Committee.

No two PIAs will be exactly the same. There will be significant differences between districts even when the same product or service is being assessed. Districts will have:

  • different approaches to utilizing district funds and staff,
  • unique mitigating strategies and risk tolerance; and
  • varying deployment strategies. (Pilot, partial or full district)

The first five sections of Part 1 – General, sets the context for how the product or services will be used.

Learning A-Z: Reading Solution with Raz-Plus and ELL Collection for Classrooms.

This generic PIA is partially completed for this evaluated K-7 procuct. (2015-11-27).

SketchUp Pro 2015-17

This generic PIA is for SketchUP Pro and has been partially completed for you to customize (2017-05-16).

Google Chromebooks & GAFE PIA with Checklists

This is not an evaluated or approved ERAC product or service (2016-01-20).

Blank Generic PIA Template

This blank PIA template is in a Microsoft Word format and can be used for any product or service (2017-06-22).

Apple ID's in the Classroom

This is not an approved or evaluated ERAC product.The PIA is for establishing classroom ID's (2016-03-20).

Math Pilot for Teachers

PIA for ERAC' Math Pilot: Digital Resources for Personalized Learning (2016-05-09).

MS Office 365 in the Classroom

This PIA template is used for Office 365 in the Classroom for students (2016-11-22).


This generic PIA template is for school districts considering implementing Freshgrade (2016-11-22).

BC Digital Classroom Core Collection

This umbrella PIA is particially completed for school district use (2016-12-01).

ArcGIS Online

This is an ERAC evaluated and approved product for student use (2017-04-18).

Matific K - 6

This is an ERAC evaluated and approved product for K-6 (2017-04-18)

Learning A-Z: Writing

This is an evaluated and approved product for K-6 (2017-05-30)

Privacy Impact Initiative Update Template (2017-05-03)


Rosetta Stone (French) for Adolescences & Adults

A basic foundations online learning program. (In Progress)

MyEducation BC - Student Information System 2016